Firma Image Line zaktualizowała do wersji 2.5 wtyczkę Sytrus

  • Hint in harmonics editor not lagging anymore.
  • Ctrl+shift to bypass point snapping in envelope editor.
  • Multilevel undo & display updates in envelope editor.
  • Small UI changes & optimizations.
  • Little speed improvement when processing arpeggiated/gated presets.
  • Several speedups when triggering voices, computing & importing shapes.
  • Slightly improved plucked string generator.
  • Little speed & quality enhancement and now up to 256 harmonics per operator.
  • Fixed rare crash when editing waveshaper envelope.
  • Unison panning, volume and pitch now update running voices when automated.
  • Added 'bipolar LFO tension' option to LFO's.
  • Added cherry phaser filter.
  • Support for note off velocity.
  • Unlink velocity from volume, link velocity & release to attack & release.
  • No more DXi version.