Dash Signature  udostępnił nową wersję wtyczki  EVE 2 - Electronic Vintage Ensemble (v2.00.05),  zawiereającą wiele usprawnień w stosunko do poprzedniej wersji, nowe możliwości syntezy, pełną kompatybilność z porzednią wersją instrumentu.



oryginalny filtr LF zosatł zastąpiony nowym, pracuącym w wielu trybach  (LP, HP, BP, BR)

  • The original LP resonant filter per layer in EVE has been replaced by a multi-mode filterwith control over cut, resonance and envelope modulation, as well as a special 'fractal' modulation parameter. This expanded filter design provides further tools for balanced layering of sounds, and deep pads.
  • FM/AM modulation capabilities per layer have been added via the ~FM switch matrix. FM and AM can be used to add interesting harmonic distortions to the original instruments, or to manipulate new sounds from the existing samples.
  • The vintage multi-effect racks have been updated, with an expanded ECHO rack, and a new overdrive effect in the MODULATOR rack, as well as various enhancements to other effects.
  • New routing options between the layers and the effects allow the MODULATOR rack to function in both 'send' and 'insert' modes.
  • EVE 2 now supports the loading of WusikSND SoundSets, opening up a whole range of extra sample content that can be loaded into the EVE engine.
  • The EVE 2 default sound library features new SoundSets and presets in addition to those that shipped with EVE.

EVE 2 costs $75 for new customers; If you own EVE 1.x you can upgrade for $24. It is available in VST and AU plug-in formats for Windows and Mac OS X and includes:

  • Library 101 SoundSets; 127 presets.
  • Library A0S 21 SoundSets; 127 presets.
  • Library Prepared Rhodes; 33 SoundSets; 62 presets.
  • Library dBu Select; 30 SoundSets; 30 presets.
  • PDF User Manual.